Thursday, December 11, 2008

Oh Christmas Tree...Carter's 1st Christmas Tree!

"no idea where mommy and daddy are taking me this time"
We decided to forget everything for a day and went to cut our tree! (we did it 2 days ago but I'm just now getting it posted)
It was a rainy miserable day but we bundled lil' C up..grabbed an umbrella and off to the tree farm we went!
It was actually the first time Carter was out in the cold for any period of time and he was a good sport..he was fascinated by the raindrops hitting the umbrella and gave a little gasp when the wind blew on his face. :)

It amazing how putting a tree up makes it feel so cozy..even undecorated (part of me always wants to leave the tree bare ..I like it with just the lights)
The boxes are not unpacked and I have been decorating the house..Oh well its a nice change :)
I have never had this much time off around the holidays..the hair business is absolutely crazy this time of year it seemed I always dreaded the holidays..I better soak this year up year its back to the grindstone!
Yes that is baby Carter sleeping on the floor..but being the light sleeper that he is..the house was too quiet and he woke up as soon as I the snapped the picture!
The ridges of his tooth are through and he has been sleeping better..
*crossing my fingers for tonight*


Jewllori by Lori said...

OH, how fun! I just love decorating for Christmas! We got our tree from the bush(it's definitely less than perfect for me!) but it's cute! It's so fun having a baby and having them for their first Christmas. Happy 1st to Carter and Evan!

Anonymous said...

The house looks great, you look great and Carter is as cute as ever!! Enjoy the holidays =)