Monday, December 8, 2008

Anyone miss me?!

Hi Everyone!

I'm back...sort of

The move was hard to say the least and we are still recovering. It took 4 days and it rained the last day so that made it even worse. Chris was so hurt by the end his poor knee was in bad shape.

And the worst part is our house is not done so I can't even put much away..every room needs something finished in it.

Our appliances are all wrong too..the microwave does not work, the dishwasher does not dry well and they send floor model washer and dryers..they are all going back!

My jeep is broke..the starter quit I am stranded..we had no internet or cable until yesterday and no phone until this morning..

we also had a funeral, Chris' uncle.

Why does everything happen at Christmas?

If anyone emailed me..I did not get it..the cable company disconnected us instead of transferring service so all emails were I have not seen any since Dec 2nd

Ok enough whining..oh one more thing then I'm done..Carter has a tooth coming in! So the sleeping is not so good lately again..poor little guy its so cute though..its on the bottom

Well we are all tired and I am frustrated with all the boxes..I hate being unorganized and under construction..Chris tried to cheer me up by saying it would be done in March!

Actually he has to give me a pep talk every night..I feel better till I wake up and it looks the same

But tomorrow he and 2 workers are coming back to work on this house while they have a break from the other houses..YEA!

So I will probably not be posting much for awhile since I have about a thousand things to try to get done..and little bits of time to do them in...why didn't someone warn me how much time a baby takes up?!?!!?

Anyway..don't be afraid to buy..I just have to find the box I packed all my jewelry in..just kidding I know where it is :)

I do think I'm going to love this has a good feel and I have enjoyed watching it snow the last few days..

A friend/client once told have to spend a Christmas in a house to have it feel like a home..and she is right I have done it many times in other houses..but I'm looking forward to our little family having our first Christmas together here and many many more in the years to come!

Even if I don't have time to post anything new..I will try to at least put one of Carters Christmas pictures on each day..hopefully it will make you smile ..I know it makes me :)

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Jewllori by Lori said...

Aww poor Les! I've been thinking alot about you guys! Miss you so much and hopefully things will start to sort out quickly. Carter is soooo stinkin cute! LOVE those pics, can't wait to see more!