Sunday, September 28, 2008

Cereal, House and Jewelry

Lots and Lots of things going on in our lives!

First the cutie pie pictures...;)

Carter had his 4 month check up a week late because the big wind storm knocked out the power at the Dr's office.

He is 14.6 lbs (in the 50% range)

and 26" long (90% range)

So he is tall and thin! (on paper anyway!) haha!

We got the green light for cereal so this is actually the second feeding and he likes it..he wears most of it but he likes it!

ummm ummm good!
And this is the latest on our house ..

The outside is shaping up...
But this is the inside..not so good! We are at the hardest close yet so very far..
Tons of finish work yet to be done..but the great news is the new owners of our home now gave us another month to stay so we have until the end of November to get our new house done :) That will help..

Kitchen cabinets are in now..yea it looks good to see some progress!


I have been busy doing lots of custom are a few of them

"Caramel Daisy"
"WonderFALL Earrings"
"Turquoise Lotus"
"White Owl" "Emerald Owl"

And ending with another cutie pie picture!


Jewllori by Lori said...

What a sweeeeeeeeet heart!!!!!

I love how your house is shaping up, looks good!!! Can't wait to see it all done, as I am sure you guys are!

Jamie said...

Oh my gosh cutie pie is growing.. I can't wait to hold him again!!

The house is BEAUTIFUL. The Chris he is doing a fabulous job.

All of the jewerly you are doing is Awesome!!

Anonymous said...


Carter is absolutely gorgeous!! And yet another masterpiece by Mr. Hahn =) It looks great!!


Lisa said...

One of those bracelets will soon be making its way to my home and my wrist! Thanks for your beautiful jewelry.

And that Carter is just darling!

TinkerDot Designs said...

4 how time flies! He is so adorable :) The house looks fabulous! How exciting. Of course, love the custom jewelry as well. Busy end of year for you!