Thursday, October 2, 2008

Hi my name is Leslie and I'm addicted to nose spray!

It's true...and I'm trying to quit and I'm miserable!
I have a breathe right strip on my nose..a humidifier running in our bedroom..and my mouth is open at all times so my lips are lubed up with chapstick!
It all started when I was pregnant..its a common symptom, your membranes swell including your nose..some women are not bothered by it but of course I had all the common pregnancy symptom times 100!
So I got into the vicious cycle of using the spray and now all these months later my nose is inflamed and angry! The spray was starting to not work at all and I'm not going to tell you how many times I used it a day.
So I called my doctor because Chris started suspecting that maybe it was keeping Carter from falling into a deep sleep, since he gets what I take in my body.
Well the DR. said it could be the problem and I needed to get off it regardless..
Its very hard..its down right miserable and if anyone has any advice I would welcome it.
What I read on the Internet it sounds like its as hard to get off of as heroin!
Now the other thing hair is falling out!
Not from the nose spray but another post partum symptom..and I have consoled and reassured many a mother over the years as a haristylist that you won't go bald and it will grow back..but its another story when its your head!
Here is an article of why it happens if anyone would like to read it..maybe one of you is a new mom going through it and is confused~
So thank goodness you all are communicating with me through email..I'm a big stuffy bald grump in person!
~A positive note: I have lost 45 lbs and only have 10 more to go!
I finally got into a "fat" pair of my the easliest diet in the world... eat whatever you want and breastfeed!~
Here are some of my latest custom orders!
I only have 3 to go and then I have a bracelet wholesale order I will be working I may not have many new listings for while...But I'll try to sneak a few in!
And lil' C is rolling over and over..he did a 360 degree roll the other night..I think it even surprised him!
I put this mirror in front of his face to encourage him to look up or roll towards it!.A chilly Fall day with his sweatshirt and little jeans!
And we have Turkeys in our yard!
I thought we had seen it all ..there are about 8 or 9 that just walk around hunting and pecking in our yard all day long.
We live in town that is why this is so funny!
Thanksgiving going to Be good this year! JUST KIDDING!

There is an albino deer we see on one of the roads close to us..and it is snow white!
Hopefully I can get a picture of it soon!
Have a great weekend!


Jewllori by Lori said...

Aww you poor thing! I feel sorry for you and hope that you can get off that nose heroin easily and quickly!! You and Carter might start looking the same with your bald heads...kidding. I probably shouldn't be joking about it, but it was too good to pass up. Lil C is so cute Les..what a sweetheart, he just keeps getting cuter!!

Anonymous said...

You absolutely crack me up!! Hang in there mama, I know you can break the habit. Just say NO to nasal spray =)