Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Chicken Hawk!

Don't ya just want to eat him up?!?

My nickname for him from the beginning has been "Chicken Hawk"!
See the sprout of hair on top of his head?
He LOVES getting a bath..he sits real still and really enjoys it!
He feels like a wet marshmellow..its kind of hard to hold him upright :)

Bigtime Chicken Hawk!


The purple shirt is Carter's Gift to Daddy for Father's Day!

Two new necklaces~
Chris could wear either with his shirt~haha~


Jamie said...

Carter is a cutie!! he is getting so big. I just want to eat up his chubby cheeks.. I love the nick name you gave him. Can't wait to get to see him.

Stereotypical Housewife said...

He is totally edible!! LOL!! What a sweetheart, the one of him smiling with his mouth open is to die for! What an angel! haha.. love his nickname, it does suit him well!!

I like Chris's purple shirt..very nice! IN fact, your two new necklaces would match it perfectly!! I'm sad the lavender lady sold already...I love that color and stone!

Lora said...

He is the cutest little chicken hawk i've ever seen! Love the new necklaces... they're my fave color.

Mandi said...

"wet marshmallow" Haha! What a funny (yet accurate) description! And don't you just love the funny hairstyles of little babies? They crack me up! Carter is so flippin cute!!