Tuesday, June 24, 2008

6 weeks Old!

What a great day!..This morning we took some pictures with the new camera Chris bought me (the one that I will never figure out how to do everything it can do)..
Then we did what we had done for so many weeks when I was pregnant..
Today was my 6 week check up...So we went to the doctor in Columbus and then to Cracker Barrel after... its the first restaurant that we have taken Carter to..then went to Babies R Us..
It was the same routine as the preggo days. It actually made me a bit sad, I have such good memories of those days..in a crazy way I miss being pregnant..you mom's out there know what I mean..right?!

My favorite flowers and my favorite boy! Well one of my favorite boys!
Carter got a little hungry waiting on the doctor to come in..he hates the pacifier but he did take it for a little bit...we actully get excited when he takes it!

The man who delivered him into this world!

Dreamy Carter..after a busy busy day...

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Stereotypical Housewife said...

Aww you guys look soo great! Happy 6 weeks, that is so crazy how time just flew.