Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Preppy Boy

Nothing new going on really..just sleeping, changing diapers, nursing, changing diapers...the days seem to slip away from me!
I actually left my little nest today and went to the Post Office to mail an international order.
The world ...our little town looked to new to was refreshing but I couldn't wait to get back!

We have had family visiting the last couple of days..of course Carter is on his best behavior making liars out of us! I need to take some 3 am pictures!
Actually I can't complain because for the 3rd night in a row he has slept for about 4 hours straight!
I think he is gonna look good "Preppy"
Talking to my friend Gayle...and Romeo has taken on the role now of nursemaid to Carter..he is right there with us in the middle of the night..worried about why the baby is crying! cute ;)


Lori- Jewllori said...

My gosh girl! You are beautiful! If I look HALF as great as you do at 41 I might try to become a Victoria Secret model or something! hahah! The weight is coming right off you.

And of course Carter is as cute as always! Glad he is sleeping better for you.

p.s. did you get some good pics of him I could use on this announcement?

Jamie said...

You look GREAT you don't look like you just had a baby a few weeks ago... Carter is adorable and he looks so long. I'm glad all of you have got into a routine. Take care and keep the pics coming we all love them.

Leslie Hahn~LesChic Jewelry Boutique said...

You guys are too sweet! Hey Lori Jamie here actually works for Victoria Secret maybe I'll have her call Les Wexner to sign me up for the post partum pinups!
No really thak you..I've lost 25lbs. but I'm still in maternity biggest size of regular pants won't go past my knees! But you guys are great for my ego!

Miranda said...

You look AMAZING and cozy with yout son.