Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Getting Some Sleep and New Rings

Last night Carter slept form midnight to 5 am!
I was actually worried that something was wrong with him! Lets hope that is the start of things to come!

I think he's content...:-0
Finally liking his swing!
Daddy took this one!


As I was making some rings for orders..I decided to be creative and try some new shapes for rings..I think they turned out really cool!

"The Emerald Coast Ring"

The Bead is angled and looks best with the bright silver finish

"Santa Fe Ring"

Looks really good on!


Lori- Jewllori said...

Aww I just love that sleeping picture of Carter in his swing! So adorable!!

Let's hope he does keep sleeping like that!

I love your new rings, and that santa fe bead is great!

Lora said...

I really like the new santa fe ring.

Carter is a cutie patootie. Wow...he's sleeping good. Yay!

Jamie said...

I love the pictures of Carter. He looks like a little angel. That's great he slept that long for you I hope he keeps it up.
The rings are adorable the sante fe ring is my favorite.

Lorelei said...

Love these new rings Leslie!
Very cool.

Mandi said...

He's just so absolutely precious! And those rings are so cool, I love the new looks!