Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Porches, Breasts, and Etsy Friends!

I wanted to show everyone my front porch!

This is where I go usually to have a cup of coffee and regroup.

Whether I have something I need to think about, I'm just waking up in the morning and seeing how much my hydrangeas have grown overnight or just relaxing..this is my favorite place in the world!

I spent unheard of hours there last fall when I was so morning, (noon and night sick) I was so lucky we had a nice warm fall. I would pull one of the rockers over in the sun to sit... it helped to be outside in the fresh air.

Now at the end of this experience I'm back on the porch watching the world come to life I bring a new life into the world!

Fido enjoys my lap while he is still the center of attention..:)

Chris and I drooled over these gorgeous hanging baskets (yes he is as bad as me) I wanted all white..he wanted we compromised.

We figured that not much new landscaping will be done this summer at our house and since I don't have teh outside of my salon to take care of anymore..we splurged!

One last belly bump pic..

Oh and I wanted to show my new Tshirt from Muttyswonder..I love her designs and she was kind enough to do a little jewelry/shirt trading.. I got it with the intention of wearing as I slimmed down..but I managed to stretch it over the bump just fine!


And speaking of stretching clothes over things....

We had a breastfeeding class tonight..Chris reluctantly let me drag him to it..and as all the women came in..I could sense he was ready to kill me!

Thank goodness another guy finally walked in! Plus the instructor made a big deal of how great it was they came.

And before you knew husband was asking all these questions..and on the way home admitted he was glad he went!

I just knew that two sets of ears were better than one and that the husbands play a big role in being totally supportive.

Thank goodness Dad's are so hip these days!


And what a surprise dear Etsy friend Lori featured me in her blog!

We have late night convo's just about every night..she lives in Canada and with the time difference and me being a night works out great!

She is a young mother of one and soon to be two in the I have asked her all sorts of pregnancy questions.

When we first met..she of course asked if we had kids and I explained the whole infertility thing. I don't think it was a month or so later..I found myself emailing her with the unbelievable news!

She has great jewelry, in fact I'm wearing one of her necklaces in the picture..we do some trading every so a deal in the works now!

Check out her blog and website ( I won't be mad if you buy from her) haha!

Check out the post with me in it!

by Jewllori


Lori- Jewllori Designer said...

OH my goodness! I'd love to sit on that porch with you, it looks so lovely and green out there! Those planters are lovely!! We are finally just getting buds now..

Thank you so much for the post! I am happy to be called your friend :-) and I love to chat with you!
p.s. which necklace are you wearing? The lily one?

Leslie Hahn~LesChic Jewelry Boutique said...

Yes that is my favorite..I know I have worn it for days in a row now..but the color goes with everything!

Lora said...

What a great porch! Those hanging plants are gorgeous. Petunias? I love my big front porch too. I feel sorry for people who don't have porches.

Lori- Jewllori Designer said...

Thanks Les! Your pretty darn handy with the round nose and cutters yourself!