Thursday, May 8, 2008

Carter's Room!

So as I have said before in other posts..I am queen of second guessing myself when it comes to shopping!

I searched and searched the Internet for unique bedding and decor for Carters room. Determined to not do a "theme" ..I found a great website

and when the time was right I made my purchase.

And at that time a few months kidney thing was going on and I couldn't paint his room..I couldn't even stand!

So Chris painted it..and we bought 4 gallons of paint at once to have enough to get it all done in one day.

Well the paint was lighter than the sample and it looks is white. It was supposed to be cream (yes there is a big difference)And we already made a big purchase so he had to use it!

But when I put the room together it looked great..the bold turquoises , greens and browns really popped against the "white" walls.

A few weeks later we were in a furniture store and we looked at their nursery displays just for fun.

Mistake..we both fell in love with the bedding. And by that time we had seen what he looked like in our 4-d ultrasound..and he just had that "all boy" look!

I realized I had decorated the room for my taste and not a little boys taste.

I couldn't see him in that room past a year old.

So..I sent it all back and found the stores display bedding on the Internet to buy.

Now the walls need to be a different color..but Chris won't let his 9 month pregnant wife repaint them..hmmm whats wrong with him? have to picture say Khaki walls..if I could sneak off to the paint store and redo them ..I would!

He does have a good point though..we are building a new house and I will be painting his new room in no time! But still...everyone that knows me knows...I am all about the paint and what do I paint my long awaited child's room? !!!!!WHITE!!!!!

Vintage Airplanes!

Which is ironic because his daddy is afraid to fly but is fascinated by planes.

And of course I had to work in some sports.

These I bought and second guessing here..I love them..very vintage!

One of my Hair Clients gave this to me when I was first pregnant!

This chair is so rocks, glides and reclines!

I ordered the Script Name for the wall but realized if we are moving in 6 months that may not be so easy to peel off.

So I took a piece of wood, painted and glazed it to make it look old..the same color as I did the little tables.

Then I put the decal on the we can move it anywhere!

And his closet is getting packed full now!


So this is the original room..see what I mean..although I still think its cute..its more for me than for him!

I hope everyone agrees..cause I ain't sending it all back again!



Lori- Jewllori Designer said...

I had to comment before I went to bed! It is absolutely cute, I love it!! Though I did like the other theme, this one is perfect for a little boy, and he won't outgrow it too quickly. It looks like it came out of a magazine. Great job you two!

Lorelei said...

LOVE the new and improved room! It is so cute! I love the curtains too...and the way you have it all set up! Great inspiration for my dream baby's room. Someday...ahhhhh.

Lora said...

I love BOTH rooms, but I see what you're saying about decorating for you. That comfy chair in his room is fixin' to be your new best friend! Especially in the middle of the night. I'm enjoying your pics and your "new momma" excitement.
(What is up with all the "L" names? Lori, Lorelei, Lora(me) and Leslie.)

Mandi said...

Oh my goodness his room is amazing!! Aww, I bet you just can't WAIT to put him in that crib and just have the room complete :-) You have great taste! Hope you're not feeling too uncomfortable in these last few days of pregnancy!

Leslie Hahn~LesChic Jewelry Boutique said...

Names that start with "L" rock!

Lori- Jewllori Designer said...

AMEN SISTA.. L names do rock!