Saturday, May 10, 2008

Garden Party Necklaces

Nope no baby yet!

I updated the "Carter's Room" post with a new pic of me..I think I'm looking ready what do you think?

I'm having the Braxton Hicks contractions alot and they are stronger.

I feel like I have a hard turtle shell on the front of me..that is the best way I can describe it!


So here are my newest creations!

Simple and Chic for Summer!


I made 2 but Chris' niece Paige came over today with her beautiful yellow prom dress..very simple and classy... refreshing to see that these days..and she is wearing one tonight! Well actually I gave her the "Crystal Sunset" to try also so we'll see!

"Bermuda Blue"

Always a favorite..the first one is gone..we will see how long this one lasts!

"Crystal Flower Garden"

"Turquoise Rose Garden"

Sad to say this one is gone already too..(but happy for me!)

But I do have one more Muscovite Pendant we will see what I do with it!

"Moonlit Garden"

Oh and this makes me favorite necklace..and I accidently broke the charm as I was tweaking it!

This crystal is not like the other clear ones..its called Moonlit Crystal by Swarovski..and its sort of a "cool" white color..and I loved the pod like charm!

So..I will be ordering another charm in do time! :)


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