Thursday, April 10, 2008


Ok I finally got the pictures to upload in a round about way but something is still wrong with my computer! Grrrr I hate that!
Anyway we had a great as usual time in our home away from home...Destin Florida!
I of course could not eat the seafood I love, no oysters on the half and and Corona but I did get my share of Grouper!
We ate at our favorite outside causal joints alot.."WhalesTail" the open air view right on the beach is to die for and the grouper fingers are perfect!
We had dinner with our friends Mark and Katie Robinson one night they are lucky enough to live very close to Destin and meet us everytime we vacation..we had a great meal ( and desert) at the "Bonefish Grill"
Hi guys!
We shopped at the Silver Sands outlet mall and Destins some cute things for Carter. And I finally discovered Ice Cream! ha ha
On the down side of the trip the nights were almost sleepless... Ironicly I started having tons of "pressure" while there...seems to be worse at night so the reflux is horrible. Everything is so squashed up against my diaphram and its very hard to breathe at times...the heat didn't help...thank goodness I won't be pregnant this summer!
But all in all it was so good to get away...and it made us want to get home!
It was different this time for us and me shedding my winter coat revealed what was coming soon for us. It is really interesting that a belly bump makes people smile at you and feel so free to talk and ask the usual questions. I think it brings back memories for them.
We also met quite a few couples with infants and we talked to them listening to their story and then telling ours. And we spent alot of time talking about next year when we come back ...Carter will be a year old! We wonder if he will be walking? Will he like the sand? What little beach outfits will he have? Will he love seafood like his parents? And how much more junk will we have to lug to the beach? :)
It's a path we never thought we would be going down and we just feel so blessed to be allowed the opportunity!
Here are some pictures of the cottage we stayed in and of course the ever popular belly bump pics!

I could have worn this comfortable!

"The Sundial" We usually stay in another house in this neighborhood but it was rented. This was nice to the same people own it. We like having our own private pool and being only a couple blocks from the beach.
Skirts are my new best friend!
Our little private pool..nice to tan the big ole belly without stares!
Again...I swear I am going to design maternity wear, I ended up ordering a cute suit on the internet but it didn't come before we left. And they have a no return policy so now its going on Ebay! if anyone is in need for one please contact me!So I bought a regular suit, but I hated it. I guess I am not used to that much material even though its nessecary but it was only a week of out of my life!
I took this picture from the front door, this squirrel was cracking me up! He looked so out of place in a PALM TREE! I am used to seeing them in my Ohio trees!
He was stealing some ..whatever you call that stuff to make a nest> He ran lickedy split down the street with it!

I missed being away from Etsy, it was hard not having a computer to obsessively check sales and email!

When we stayed halfway on the way there and bet I was in the lobby on the computer!

I'm not sure what the next month will bring as far as new designs, it all depends on my time and my energy!

So you may see nothing or lots of new things..who knows about me! Guess you will just have to keep checking back!

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Lorelei said...

Welcome back Leslie!
I missed your blog entries while you were away!
Thanks for sharing pictures from your trip! I can live vicariously through you and your vacations. I desperately could use one!
You looks so cute in your outfits! You make pregnancy look so fashionable! I can see a bathing suit hunt being quite stressful. I was in Target the other day and was mad that the maternity clothes are so much cuter than regular clothing!! what's up with that?!?