Monday, April 14, 2008


"Fuzzy 1"

Have you ever had a memory hit you like a ton of bricks?!

All of the sudden the other day I remembered something...when I was little I had a blankie I called "Fuzzy"

To say I loved Fuzzy is an understatement..I LOOOooooved Fuzzy!

I was scared of storms when I was little..(now I'm the nut on the porch watching them) but then with the first sound of thunder I would get Fuzzy and my Barbies and head to the basement. Now that tells you what things meant the most to that little girl but you can bet if a tornado came..Fuzzy would be wrapped tight in my hands and those Barbies would be whirling away!

With all those years of loving and washing..Fuzzy finally started to show its age. So my mom made me a new one.."Fuzzy 2". Well Fuzzy 2 didn't go over well and Fuzzy 1 continued on until today it looks like swiss cheese!

Fuzzy 2 was put in a drawer and then packed away until the memory of it hit me the other night!

So I dug it excited..washed it up and when I layed it in Carter's bed I was so shocked and overcome with emotion to see that the embroidery thread my mom used is the exact color of the trim on his bedding..not red..not Burgundy..but a dark raspberry.

I couldn't believe it but then again I should not be surprised the way this whole miracle pregnancy has happened. I have felt my parents have been apart of it from the very beginning...according to the calculations, I conceived on my dads birthday and I am due on Mothers Day..and also being the same age as my mom was when she had me!

I am so touched that my son, even though he will never meet his maternal grandparents, he has a gift from his Grandma..custom made...put in a drawer...packed away...just waiting on him.

" Fuzzy 2"


JennyD said...

aahhh Leslie - that is so awesome! That blankie will be so cherished by little Carter.

Anonymous said...

I know what you mean about the grandparents not being here but still having a hand in everything..and how lucky we are for that =)

Lori said...

Aww what an awesome story, and I am so glad you had Fuzzy 2 even if you didn't like it, now you have it as a reminder of your parents, your childhood, and what a miracle little Carter is! So cool!!

Stephanie McKee said...

I just read your "fuzzy" story and I cried-that is truly a miracle. I remember sitting on your back porch last summer and talking about all of the butterflies and how we talked about how butterflies are a reflection of a soul-your parents were there and you didn't know you were pregnant yet.I am so happy for you and I love you!!

Jamie-Lynn :) said...

this brought tears to my eyes, for you and for me. I have fond memories of my blankie that my aunt Sandra made for me, before passing away a couple months after I was born, everytime I look at it I remember the story of how excited she was for me to be born and the fuzzy blankie she made for me with my name embroidered on it. You brought back a special memory for me too, thank you.