Sunday, November 11, 2007

Some new pieces

I know it seems like I have been gone along time, and it feels like it to me too! But I have been doing alot of wirewrapping, rings and necklaces. I can sit on the sofa and do this. Apparantly I am one of the lucky ones that are going to have morning sickness all times of the day and its last well into the 15th week so far! Lucky me!

Anyway, after I wirewrap then I ususally have to oxidized the piece, I do this outside, the smell is horrible. Then I buff the silver to give it that wonderful aged look.
Next they get their pictures taken, then I have to write a description, edit pictures and upload all that onto the ETSY site.
So it is quite a process, but I feel really good about getting so many done lately.

I love these pendants, each one is the creation of an artsy couple living in South Carlolina. They do this full time. Each one is handcarved by the wife, then cast in pewter, oxidized and polished by the husband. Even the backs have interesting details on them!

Here are some I designed around, I hope you enjoy looking at them. The full pictures and descriptions are on my ETSY site!


Kirsi Kurki said...

Don´t you think you should mentioned here that the owl image above is not your design. Of course you do know that it is Greek coin with symbol animal (the owl) of Athens protecting god Pallas Athene. Coin is from year 427 (if I remember right) and one can see the original in the National Museum of Athens, Greek.

Leslie Hahn~LesChic Jewelry Boutique said...

I never claimed to have designed the pendant..only the necklace around it ..if you would like to email me I will give you the designer who made the pendant.