Monday, September 10, 2007

Getting into Fall!

I made a few more pieces finally, these rings have been Hot, Hot, Hot!
I made the first one on a whim...not knowing what the response would be... Now I will be ordering more, mainly in size 6 and 7 ( I 'm noticing that is the most poplular) so if you are interested in one for the future and need a unique size... please email me and I will make sure I put it on my order!
Also if you have an idea for one, like a lady had for the "Vintage Romance Pearl" ring below I can do that to..favorite colors etc.
I will be doing Buckeye rings, they will have small swarovski crystal and a tiny little polymer clay buckeye in the middle!
"Fall Berries"

"Green Garnet Garden" sold

"Vintage Romance Pearl Ring" Sold~ Custom order

"Bohemian Rapsody"

"Urban Oasis"

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