Monday, September 24, 2007

50 items SOLD!!!!

I'm in 2 more treasuries today, but I'm not going to post them anymore, I'll just tell you the title and if you want to look, you can! Just go to the front page of etsy, then click on Treasury and you can look for these titles!
*My top picks
*Turquoise and Steel
I'm so gratefull that my little boutique is finally getting noticed..and today I hit 50 sales on ETSY!
When I first started there I remember thinking would I ever get to 10?!
And it's a good sign for me..home with morning sickness or mourning sickness as I think of it. Not being able to work for a week..I can at least make a piece now and then and send orders out. Nothing is as motivating as that!
Thanks to everyone for their support :)

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