Monday, August 20, 2007

What you have to have!

"Turquoise Swirls" sold!

"Iced Coffee" sold!

I finally had a chance to make a few new designs. It felt good to have the time and freedom to so that. I have had alot of other things I had to get done and my time that I spend designing is like therapy to me, and I have to have it!

It's even better when something you make with your own hands catches the eye of someone else and they have to have it!

It inspires my creativity to try and make more unique, more unsual and more eyecatching trinkets for someone to "have to have"!

Thanks to the world of ETSY it s possible to reach those people everywhere, I can't believe that something I made is in other parts of the country and also now across the world!

Thanks to the jewelry lovers everywhere!

"Bananna Bark & Cherries" SOLD

"Olive Leaf" SOLD

"Lavender & Bamboo" SOLD

"Indian Summer" sold!

"Turquoise & Tulips" SOLD

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