Wednesday, August 22, 2007

4 nice things happened today!

"Rings of Olive Oil"

"Turquoise Rock Garden"


I had a 4 nice things happen today.

This morning I checked my email real quick before I left for work ( yea right, it was about the 3rd time) and I saw that someone from Australia bought a pair of my earrings!

I have this urge to send more than just earrings, seems like such a long way to go for just a pair of earrings!

But of course I have to resist and just send what was ordered. I think its so cool that something I made is going across the world and will be on someones ears !
Then I got an email for a custom pmc necklace which I am so excited to do! I'll post a pic when its finished.
Tonight I got another awesome feedback from a fabulous jewelry junkie! :)
And finally the sweetest email from another fab gal after she received her package from me today!
You guys know who you are and I just want you to know you made my day and you just make me want to create more and more! So look out!
And tomorrow is from my "day job" and hopefully having a productive jewerly day!

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