Friday, July 22, 2011

At last a new post!

Not sure if anyone stills looks at my blog or not..but here I am!
These are a few bracelets I made...only one is available for sale. Susie Q is named for the girl who bought it in my hair salon before I got it listed on Etsy and I kept Earth Rocks because...I loved it :)

Sterling Silver is still sky high in price so I have not bought any wire lately to make the wire wrapped rings...I might get some soon but they will have a price increase so I am still undecided.
I do have some plans for a vintage dictionary I have...using the pictures and words for some vintage-y pendants, earrings, hairpins and rings! Just a teaser for whats to come ;)

Earth Rocks

Susie Q
And my little Carter boy is thriving!
He is 3 now and doing all sorts of things! I love the 3's.. They can be trysome for sure but I love seeing the person he is unfolding each day.
As for creative outlet has switched from beads to scrapbooking and tweeking my house...The more things I do.. I am finally bonding with this new house and it's feeling like home.
And for some reason I want to visit Maine ..I have for quite some time but lateley its been intense, so since we can't just pick up and go (not a trip that would thrill a 3 year old)...I have been reading fiction books set there...

I don't know my deal is.. maybe its just the heat~


Lorelei Eurto said...

Hi!!! welcome back! Carter is getting so big! Time flies!
Oh you have to go to Maine, it's so beautiful. Even if you just get over the border to the south shore. Gorgeous area, so much to do. You'll love it! I hope you can get there soon!

LesChic Boutique said...

Wow I feel honored that the master of jewelry making reads my blog!
I hope to get to Maine someday..but for now I will just have to dream! Thanks for commenting :)