Monday, March 29, 2010

Sometimes you just have to step back for awhile...

AS you may have guessed I have been on a bead burnout but...I do feel just a tad of that creative juice starting coming back!
So I made a few earrings..but I am out of supplies and I mean OUT!
I have no Sterling Wire and my beads are just I need to sell what is in my shop in order to buy new pretties!
If you see something you like or want multiple or convo me and make me an offer!..You might be surprised!
Its really hard to be inspired when nothing is selling so inspire me and buy something!
Eatin Breakfast and Bird Watchin'
We went to the mall today to see the Easter Bunny..Carter LOVES him and ran right up and stood yes stood on his lap with his arm around him.
My scanner is broke so I can't show you a pic..darn its cute too!
But we are loving that the Easter Bunny is a great threat and bribe! He buys it everytime that the Easter Bunny is watching him...oh you better be good I just saw the Easter Bunnies ears by the window! Oh the Easter Bunny loves green beans so you better eat a few!
Works like a charm!
Also we finally let him play in the play area of the was nuts with crazy kids running everywhere! And Carter loved it..I was so happy to see that he is not shy or backward at all he just ran around entertaining seemed like the other kids were in groups but he just ran, climbed on all the little animals and laughed and laughed! here are my creations I made from scraps I had left...some of my best I think!

Not listed yet..may keep them for myself ;p

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hello gorgeous said...

hey gorgeous, nice creations, which proves you can still do it even from scraps! ;o) Sure you'll get your mojo back soon, having a nice new look to your blog might be another inspiration too....I LOVE it!

Hope you have a good run-up to easter and a fab easter weekend ;o)


hello gorgeous xxx