Saturday, December 19, 2009

Snow Day

As I was working today..Chris and Carter had fun in the snow!
Chris came to the salon door and told me to look outside..
oh my gosh my client and I laughed so hard when we saw Carter..Chris dug this snow suit out of his closet and squeezed him in it like little Randy from "The Christmas Story" movie!

Carter loves snowmen because they wear a hat like him..he always points to his head when he sees one! Oh course this is the kind of hat we have around our house ; )

Chris did a good job..notice the arms!? LOL

Love the back view!

He could barely move with the snow suit and the snow boots!

There's that smile!

" I'm going in to get hot chocolate!"


Mary Ann Miller said...

So cute!!

Jewllori by Lori said...

hahahah!! He's like the abominable snow man! Hhahah! It's awesome, so cute :)

Araceli said...

OMG! Leslie...I was chuckling so so much, my husband asked what I was reading. That is too cute for words! A Christmas story definitely comes to mind! He is so adorable, I cant get enough of his cheeze face. I wish Daniel wouldnt mind the camera.