Sunday, August 9, 2009

Beads and Pieces

I don't feel like I have made much lately, but when I put all my new stuff on here I was surprised! I guess I have taken a few stolen moments here and there and managed it somehow.
Carter is still not sleeping..he will be 15 months soon and I we are still getting up 3,4 or more times a night!
It has been worse lately..I noticed he looks bigger though so maybe it was grow spurts and they can have sleep regression when thats going on...I don't know.
Truthfully we take turns usually getting up 8 or more times a night when we just don't give up and put him in bed with us. Its such a mess and we are not sure how to correct it.
But oh well..
Anyway here are my lastest~Click on Pic to view details :)
I have quite a few of these really cool earthy Agate Stones...I taking a break from the $$ Sterling and plan on making a whole series of them using brass and copper. In this one I love the combination of the Earthy Browns and Patina Greens!

I'm also going to do some simple and inexpensive one or two bead earrings using Hypoallergenic Niobium Earwires that I forgot I had.
They go with all metal really well and with the longer tail...seem to stay on good too!

Red Magma is a new color for Swarovski...its HOT
and I added a cute little really is striking when on!

This is a one of a kind ring since the stone is natural no 2 are alike! (this one is the best of the bunch)

And he is not for sale ;)well maybe at 3 am!
This is a little nook that I made the framers carve out when our house was being built..I could hear the snickers and joking from my hubby and them as I walked away ..but I knew little Carter boy someday would love this secret little nook.
If only I could freeze this picture and he would sit there like the little angel he appears to be while I bead the hours away.....................
Ahh well a former "DINK" Girl can dream can't she?! ;)


Jewllori by Lori said...

Love all your new pieces, that agate ring is my fave though, I just love that color of blue!!

Well my suggestion for getting Carter to sleep you might not like.. But I say you have to let him cry it out. I think it`s going to take a few weeks(2 at least) but it will work. Give him his space when he wakes up...go in after five min of crying and put a soother in if he uses one or just say `shhh`close to his face for a bit. Then leave the room again....keep this up for as long as you can stand it(at least least 30 min) but still go in at least every five to ten min, until he settles down again. Don`t feed him, that`s where they get into the habit of needing food. It`s going to be really tough, for sure it is, but you can do it, if you stick with it!!! Ross slept through the night and still does since 10 weeks using that method, and Evan only wakes once in the night, but he still is hungry(only 9 months).

GOod luck my friend, let me know if you need help again!

paintchipgirl said...

I am loving the copper pieces lately, myself. I think the space under the stairs is EVERY child's DREAM! Good for you for *knowing* that. Check out for support, advice, laughs and is a terrific community of women like nothing else I've found on-line!

LesChic Boutique said...

Thank you so much Lori..that is great instructions in a nutshell I have read about the technique but it always seems overwhelming and complicated so I give up.
I do a little bit of that but not for as long as you I will keep trying.
Thanks for taking the time to write all that out!!!

And thanks paintchipgirl for the website I will be sure to check it out!
Happy you recognized my vision for the Nook too!!! :)