Saturday, July 4, 2009

So here is the latest on the salon....

The shampoo station that was supposed to be here 2 weeks ago..then was supposed to be here Wednesday "for sure" got here another day late.
so after Chris begged the plumbers to drop what they were doing to come over and install it...
a hose was missing out of the shipment!
And of course it was a weird beauty shop no one else has it in town kind of hose...and the place that shipped it was closed to the holiday weekend!
Somehow my persistent husband kept pushing buttons until I think he got the janitor there and the hose was overnighted..we got it today and the plumbers installed the sink with the promise of a free haircut!
So...lots of little things happened still looks like a mess but until its all done you won't see a difference. Tomorrow will be a big day!
Oh and I went to hobby lobby to get my BIG mirror for over my if you shop there you know..the mirrors are ALWAYS 50% off.
Do you think they are now? of course not..I'll think about that tomorrow.
No new pictures of the mess ..i mean progress but I do have some of Carter peeking under his crib at Fido..remember our cats?

My friend is fostering a baby girl..Carter was trying to impress her with his CHEEZ face!


paintchipgirl said...

My boys are hams too. Until someone would make over our youngest. Can't wait to see your salon, up and ready. It is NEVER the regular 1" screw that is missing. Always the odd-ball piece. Glad it worked out for you! Happy 4th!

Jewllori by Lori said...

What a gong show! Glad your hubby is so persistent to get it done, that's awesome!!

Carter is a cheezer isn't he! So adorable, love how they already "know" to impress a lady !!

Leslie of LesChic jewelry boutique said...

Gong show yes! It was insanity today..but its finally looking like a salon..still don't have a mirror though! (thats kind of important)

Araceli said...

So glad you got it together just in time. The first time I went to buy Daniel formula (canister), there was no scooper! Of all people, I'm the one to get the one with the measuring scoop! carter is so hilarious, he's got the cutest little teeth, which makes for a great, happy smile. He's full of joy!