Friday, June 5, 2009

The Zoo

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Last Sunday we went to the zoo.. This is a personal joke with us..way back when I was pregnant we had this "zoo song" we would sing :0 on the way to my doctor appts

It was just soon to be parents dreaming about going to the zoo someday with our little boy.

I have to confess as we walked through the gates and into "stroller world" I got a bit teary for a minute..its hard to explain how I felt..I guess like I finally belonged or fit in..something like that. I just know it felt good and we had a good time. (my legs and feet won't that parking lot is big!)

The Columbus Zoo has a baby elephant but we missed the time frame it was out..but that was ok, from the looks of the signs it would have been a long wait.

Monkey! (in the background) haha

LLooking at the Big Ape!



Carter loved the carousel..thats good because I have been priming him to ride roller coasters with mommy someday!


Jewllori by Lori said...

LOL!! So cute, I just love taking the boys to the zoo, it's so fun! The pic of Carter and Chris has the caption...looking at the big ape( are they looking at who's behind the camera??!?!) LOL!! I thought that was funny!

Glad you could finally take your little boy to the zoo :D

Lora said...

zoos are fun! i understand the teary eyes... completely!