Monday, March 16, 2009

Inside Carter's Room

I am slowly but surely getting my house to feel like a home. So I thought I'd post some pics of some done rooms starting with Carter's. After all he is most important so that is where I started! Acually his room was a refudge for me when the rest of the house was/is a mess!

Its a bright sunny room on the south side of the house ( wooden blinds keep the light out) I love the all light in his room..and its closest to the upstairs bathroom. Unfortunately we didn't know the neighbors dogs bark and the sound of 4 -wheelers come right in his room..not to mention the taxi blowing its horn late at night (not sure what thats all about)
And his room is right above our bathroom, the exhaust fan sounds like a jet airplane..well every sound is exaggerated when a baby is sleeping!
But someday he may have a dog and ride his own 4-wheeler and keep another baby up somewhere in the neighborhood. Hopefully he won't be calling a taxi late at night!


Jewllori by Lori said...

Come to my house next ok!?!?! How much to hire you guys to come help us build and decorate?! LOL!!

Thanks so much for your encouragement, I definitely feel the love :)

Jamie Lynn :) said...

LOVE the nursury!!! WOW!!!You are one super decorator!