Sunday, February 22, 2009

My Red Velvet Boys

When I was little I remember my mom making red velvet cakes. I think it was a challange for her to try and make the ultimate one because I recall the tweaking of the cake trying to make it more red than the last time or making a different icing..anyway it was always wonderful.
And now these days Chris' mom does the same thing with her red velvet
cake...must be a mom thing
or in my case..a husband thing!
Chris made his first red velvet cake the other night!
And with all due credit he is the cook of the house..I am the cleaner upper!
I do cook some but its just not my thing..he loves it and watches over the food with endless patience....I tend to abandon it
Anyway..he made his mom's icing takes a long time, cooking part of it..mixing the other part forever and then mixing it all was an all evening event. And little Carter was intriqued with all the clattering in the kitchen.
There he is down on the floor watching daddy in his new favorite toy..a diaper box!
(I'll have that story in a later post)
I happen to capture the dive into the icing..I think he approves of it!

hmmmm..better have a second taste just to make sure!

Back in the box..with icing to go :)


Jewllori by Lori said...

Never heard of the cake but it looks tasty, as does Carter! hee hee!! Can't wait to hear his diaper box story :)

Anonymous said...

How Sweet! Your boys are the best. I like the one with Carter in his box looking up at Daddy and all the clatter. TOO TOO CUTE!

Araceli said...

I'm the same way! My husbnad loves to cook and says it's relaxing for him. I'm just culinary challenged and think will always be! Lol.
That cake sure looks good!!