Saturday, February 7, 2009

It's time to lower the crib!

Yes the time has come that I have been excited and dreading at the same time! I can barely reach to lower him down now:)
Today Chris was putting on the closet doors (yea) and I put Carter in his crib while we worked in his room. And what a surprise to look and see little boy had pulled himself up for the first time all by himself and stood for the longest time..we were not expecting to see that this soon..he just started crawling a couple of weeks ago!

He finally got those darn things that dangle and tease!

As you can see he was really proud of himself!

Also his new thing is waving..its so cute and all boy, open hand he moves back and forth!

He finally tired out!


Jewllori by Lori said...

He is so cute Les, just so cute! I wish I could kiss his little cheeks in person! What a lil stinker, but so pleased with himself isn't he? hahah!

Yay for house progress, even if it is closet doors ;)

Anonymous said...

It is always so amazing to see how much little man is changing. What an adorable little boy =) Before you know it you will be chasing him around everywhere!!!!


Araceli said...

He's so big! I love his bumper set!! I havent seen that one anywhere? Dj needs a new one :)