Wednesday, January 21, 2009

hear ye..hear ye!

I had jury duty today!
I was hoping to get out of it..this is my 3rd time called. The first time my mom and I were both called at the same time. But she was going through chemo and we both we excused.
The second was cancelled.
This time is was rescheduled from yesterday to today.
I was dreading it until I got there..and soon I realized this could be great entertainment! (I don't get out much these days) LOL
After 2 hours of 30 or so people sitting in a small room in dead silence trying not to look at eachother...we found out the defendant pleaded guilty and we were free to go..however our duty is not done. I have to call the recording tonight to see if I have to go back tomorrow.
Lets hope by then they will have read my breastfeeding excuse...its legit!
hmmmmm..On second thought...I am out of the house alone..:0

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