Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Moving Update!

"I'm a little wild man in the tub now!"
" I'm ready for my senior picture!"

" It snowed today but I was toasty warm in my new hat!"
We have not moved yet!..Still working on the new house, we decided to wait till Friday to move..the weather will be better and the house will be alittle more ready.
It still looks like a disaster when you walk in ..there are tons of little things to do.. but its getting closer and closer everyday. The major things are now done, Chris and his helper finished the hardwood floors today. Most of the railing is done. The appliances are coming tomorrow. We will get it cleaned up and do the touch ups and things like towel bars and closet organizers after we move in.
I have been taking Carter to the new house now and I lay him down on a blanket in our bedroom (now that we have carpet) with all his toys. I go and clean, paint..whatever needs done. Checking on him every few minutes..its slow progress but I figure its better than none at all. I packed all I could at our house..I couldn't take it anymore..I needed a change. I scrubed tile floors yesterday! oh yea
Saturday and Sunday we will come back to our old house and clean and touch up paint etc. So by Dec. 1st. it will be over!
I am sad to leave this house..3 or 4 years we have lived here..the longest of anywhere. Its very cozy and familiar here...
But when I go to the new house..I love it..I feel like I can breathe there, its amazing how fast we outgrew this house and the toy thing has only just started!
Today we had to take time out for Carter's 6 month checkup..and we all got flu shots.
he weighs 15 1/2 lbs and is 27 3/4" long..so on the charts he is tall and thin..haha
He is really changing now..he rolls all over the place..and is very close to sitting up on his own. It seems like there is new progress everyday!
The best part is he is sleeping so good now..most nights he is in bed by 7 or 8 and sleeps all night getting up once usually. I only wish I felt more rested..I guess it will take awhile to make up for the months of no sleep..right?
He loves sleeping on his belly..it made us so nervous at first..here he was sound asleep all content on his tummy and we were the ones not sleeping! Staring at the monitor..we both would take turns going in and turning him over on his back...finally we got used to it.
Well the darn hospital and everything you read scares you to death about SIDS..so we were conditioned for "back to sleep"
I can't blame him I'm a stomach sleeper too..no wonder I didn't sleep well when I was pregnant!
Well just thought I would update everyone..didn't want you to think I forgot about you all!
oh I did get Carter's pix taken at Sears..they turned out really good ..I'll post them in December.
And I will get back to my jewelry too..its all packed up that is why I closed my store until we get settled in..I was tired of playing Super Woman :) Something had to go!
I have a cute Thanksgiving outfit for Carter I will post a picture of on Thursday..but until then..
Happy pre-Thanksgiving!

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Jewllori by Lori said...

Leslie. I have definitely not forgotten about you, and know you haven't done the same about me! I miss you tons, but hoping that the move will go smoothly and all that packing..ugh that packing will go well too. Love ya and thinking about you guys. The little man is such a doll, he just gets cuter and cuter!