Wednesday, October 29, 2008

House update,Turkeys,International Shipping, no more rings, and Carter pics!

Our house is still a mess!

Good thing we have another month..there is no way we would have been ready to move by November 1st!
But we will be ready by Dec 1st!

Progress IS just can't see it. Putting up, caulking and painting the trim takes FOREVER. And you see little progress..but then one day ..its done.

We have the tile work done and some vanities, toliets etc. set. Now the walls are being painted.

This is what I did..I stained the front door

woo hoo

And this will be baby Carter's room!

Again..didn't get to paint myself but it was kind of nice telling someone else what to do!

I see you!

He loves his snowglobe!

Turkeys outside in the yard of our house we live in now

Some simple earrings..I am not expecting to win any jewelry design award for these..but they are meant to be just nice simple non fussy addtions to a antique gold or copper necklace or bracelet you may have!

"Hula Hoops"

Picasso Renaissance

Petite Copper Poppers

Copper Classics

Antique Copper Oval Hoops

Antique Gold Floral Hoops


~Business news~

I am not going to be doing any international shipping for awhile. I cannot simply print my shipping label and put the package in my mailbox on my front porch. I have to put the baby in the to the post office..get out the stroller..put the carseat in the stroller..go in the post office..experience the oh so pleasant postal workers (haha) then do it all over..just for a package.

So since I will be packing and moving and it will be winter soon..I am not going to resume international shipping till spring

I'm but I hope everyone understands :)

Also I will not be making any of the wire wrapped rings until we are moved and settled in..they too take time away from my ever growing bundle of joy and this time with him I will never get back!

Custom orders will be limited also..if you have a custom request please ask me about it..but I will only being doing what I have supplies to make!

Just hang in there with me..!

Thanks :)

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Jewllori by Lori said...

I'd nominate you for a jewelry award anyday! ;-)

Love your new house, but Nov 1st?! NUTS! You still got lots to do!! And packing, oh do I not envy you! Good luck with it all my dear!!