Thursday, August 7, 2008

Dog Days of Summer

Yes I have been absent for a few reason why...Carter and I have just been enjoying the summer playing since someone only takes little cat naps, or as I like to call them..power naps!
Daddy got a new haircut and now matches little boy!
(chicken hawk included) haha

His new thing this week is grabbing and holding stuffed animals and burp cloths!


And in jewelry news...I finished all the Crystal necklaces and finally got them listed.

I managed to make a couple new necklaces made also...sometimes I wish I had endless hours to make all the jewelry designs that are floating around in my head. But everyone has told me to cherish every moment with Carter that I can because it goes to when I am abscent.. that is preciously what I'm doing!


Lora said...

always cute pics of baby (and dad)... i love the pic of pink cherries. i like the branch and the background.

Donswishes blog said...

wow ive missed soo much your little boy is beautiful! congratulations and the huse looks wonderfull,we have a new arrival this month only its a puppy!I have orderered a necklace for a friend but i really want a swaroski chrystal one for myself just cant decide what colour!Donna

aahcoffee said...

There's my necklace! :) I Love it! And I really loved how you packaged it, as well as your blog. So cute. Well done! Your son is a doll baby too.