Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Precious Moments

I was rocking my little boo to sleep tonight and as he was nestled all snug on my chest..I realized that there are moments only a mother will witness.
No one else will ever see them because no camera is fast enough or can get in the right position..only a mothers eyes can see it.
Breast feeding especially enables those moments..the way they look up into your eyes and lay their tiny hands on your skin...the look on their face when they pull off drunk on milk, and giggle at the shadows on the ceiling :)
I wish I could show you those moments but I can' have your own...
here are some of ours that come close..they are precious but not as precious as the private ones that only my eyes have seen..

Carter's alseep in is crib..
this is a rare moment in the morning when I got to wake HIM up first!


shar said...

You sound pretty in love! Can you imagine life before Carter? Once my girls were here I couldn't imagine what it was like before they were here.

Anonymous said...

It is SO great to see you so happy and enjoying motherhood so much!! Little boys have a way of melting their mothers hearts =)


Jewllori by Lori said...

It's so true, little boys just melt momma's hearts...and they still do no matter how old they are!!

A beautiful sentimental post that shows how deeply grateful you are for your little one! I am glad you can witness the precious moments that he shares with you!!!

Jamie-Lynn :) said...

beautiful pics and what a special moment to share with us all!