Thursday, May 1, 2008

What is a Blog?

I have noticed quite a few people are confused by the difference between my "Blog" and my "Website"
So let me try to clear it up!
All the jewelry that is current and available is listed on my "website"
My "Blog" which you are on right now does not allow you to "buy" anything from it..
It is like an online journal..Everyone uses their blog in a different way but for me its a way to post pictures..pregnancy updates for all my former hair salon clients and jewelry updates/pictures for the jewelry customers.
I use it to let people see behind the scenes and a personal look into my life.
I have people from all over the world looking at it now..that truly amazes me!
So most of the of the jewelry pictures you see...(especially the older posts) have sold and most were one of a I can't make another one.
BUT if you see something you love..please email me just to make sure..I may be able to remake it or at least a similar one.
I used to go back and type "sold" by each item..but it got to be a hassle.
I hope this clears up any confusion...
So, if you want to buy something..just go to Etsy
sign up for an account by clicking on register and it will walk you right through it..keep in mind when chosing a "username" this can never be changed, so pick a good one!
I accept paypal or money orders..
I just started selling on Etsy last July and my sales increase everyday..I am up to 359 sales as of today and I want to thank everyone for all their support!
maybe I can hit 1000 by Christmas! :)
Just a couple of new earrings listed this morning....

"Beachside Tulips"
"African Safari"

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