Monday, May 5, 2008

New Carved Flowers and "When is Carter Coming?" News

OOOOOoooooo..I got the new carved flower stones in the mail today!
The New Jade is very popular and I had totally run out..same with the multi colored Jade.
But the new colors shown here are really cool. The only problem is since they are a natural stone.. they are all wonderfully different.
So I think with each listing I will add a picture of the ones you can choose from, updating with each re-listing.
So you guys that are reading this are getting a sneak preview and also first choice!
If you see one you have to have..just email me and I will send you an updated picture of the ones still available and do a "reserved listing" on Etsy for you!
I put them all together to show the variations in color
"Green Adventurine"
"New Jade"
~this time they are less white and more of a celery color!
"Picture Jasper"


Ok on to the "When is Carter Coming?" news~

Went to the doctor today.. His heart rate,my belly measurement and blood pressure is perfect. Looks like he will be 7 1/2 - 8 lbs now.........(that went up)

And we decided together that it was best if we let Mother Nature do her thing.

Although he said would do whatever I wanted (induction)..but waiting would be really best at this point.

Besides I'm not actually "due" until next Sunday

So we wait.......

In the mean a ring! haha!


Lori- Jewllori Designer said...

I LOVE EM! I know which one I want already...can I email you it!? LOL!!

Oh good...things went well at the doc's. Great! Can you believe in one week, just one week you are going to be a mama!??? AWESOME!

sharla said...

Walk! Walk! Walk! Lady! It does help!

Very pretty stones!

Lorelei said...

Hi Miss thing!
Hope you have that stinkin' baby soon, DAMN! I'd be so excited, I probably couldn't stand it.
Do you mind if I ask, where you got the beautiful carved flowers? I see a lot of designers using these! I like them!

Lora said...

love those stones.... especially mookaite!