Thursday, April 17, 2008

Carter's Closet

I've been working on some custom jewerly orders so that is why you don't see new listings! In the meantime I thought I'd show some cute outfits we bought for Carter on vacation!
He has more clothes than us I think!
Its hard to find cute footwear for boys so I grabbed this outfit up when I saw it!
Chris picked this one out..go figure!
Chris also picked this one .."ya know, for when we go to the zoo" he said!
The countdown is on with less than a month to go! I am going to the doctor weekly now. There has been no progress so far but in the last couple of days I do feel the baby is slighly lower..I have been able to breathe better and actually sleep!
I've had some visits from several hair clients that can't make it to the shower so that has been nice to see them again!
I'm looking forward to my shower Sunday to see everyone and to catch up alittle!

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Lora said...

Cute clothes! Buying baby clothes is so much fun!