Sunday, February 3, 2008

Busy Fido

Well Fido is in the middle of everything again! I've been taking pictures in my office in the morning faces the east. And Mr. Fido jumped right up to see what was going on!

Then he must have gotten tired and FINALLY decided to use the new bed I got them for the first time! ..its' about time!
Then.........he decided to bug poor Romeo who was perfectly content sleeping on our bedroom floor.. this is their usual position, can't tell who's the dominant one can you?!?!~
Today's New Listings
Heart Hoop La
Such a romantic necklace!

Hoop La

the matching earrings ....

Teal Gypsy Flowers

Love the colors in these!

Copper Chic Earrings

And these beads are one of my favorites'd have to see them in person to appreciate!

1 comment:

Mental Crafter said...

Fido is so cute! I never realized he was so BIG! He sounds like a trouble maker. lol As always I am impressed with your artistry in jewlery designing/making. your presentation of the jewlery is artistic as well. Keep up the excellent work!
Oh yeah something else, I thought I was your favorite hair