Saturday, January 19, 2008

Does LOVE STINK? or are you LOVESTRUCK?!

When I saw this Pendant, I just knew I didn't have to do much to create a stand out piece of jewerly!
So I added the most complimentary Chain and a Pink-ish /Redish Bead near the Clasp, and VOILA!
"Pink Mosaic Lady"

"Love Struck" Earrings

I was going to name them "Love Stinks" because of the Black Color...but I thought maybe I shouldn't..What do you think?..Drop me a comment :)


sharla said...

Love Stinks! Not that I think it does (well it does for some) but there are plenty of love items out there!

Leslie Hahn said...

Thanks Sharla..Thats all I needed to hear:)