Sunday, August 5, 2007


I finally worked on some precious metal clay pendants!
They are made with silver clay, it looks like silly putty, but it has tiny particles of sterling silver in it along with organic binders.
You can form it into most anything.
Then it is fired in a kiln, torched or I do mine with a metal screen on top of my gas stove. The binders are then burned away.
Note to self : don't lean over to watch. A part of my bangs are just now grown out to my eyes from were I singed them back in march!
Then you sand off of the remaining film of binders. I oxidize mine to bring out the pattern then more buffing till you get it the way you want it!

This one is for our niece Paige, her 16th birthday!

One of these is for a a custom necklace, I finished the wirewrapping on the stones tonight, I just need to oxidize the wire tomorrow and I'll have a pic of the finished project to show!

And this one is for sale on ETSY!

If you would like a custom initial pendant necklace for you or as a gift, just email me!

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