Monday, June 11, 2007

Welcome to LesChic Jewelry boutique Blog!

Welcome to LesChic Boutique, an online place to see all my latest designs as soon as I make them!
Feel free to email me ( or your contact person if you have any questions or see something you can't live without!
"Cool Dots" (its been redesigned, see it on ETSY)

"Emerald Jasper" $27 (getting facelift, coming this fall)

" Lemon Drops" $24 Sold

"Shell Swirl" $26 SOLD!

"Moonstone Sparkle" $31 Sold

"Raspberry Stone" $27 (only one left)

"Ruby SandDays" sold!

"Henna Circle" $26
not available any longer...getting facelift! Sold (see it needed a facelift!)

"Purple Patina" $23

"Abalone & Jade" $23 Sold!

"Olives in the Stream" $23

"Ecletic Blue"

not available any longer...getting facelift! Sold

"Shelled Peas & Wood"

"Silver Desert" $31 Sold

"Golden Daisy" $23

not available any longer...getting facelift!

"Blue Sky" $21 SOLD!

All necklaces have matching earrings for $10

I have bracelets and earrings...I want to get all those up before I post the ...4 new necklaces!!

Hope you have fun looking...Check back daily never know what you might find!


Steph said...

I love your jewelry!!

Anonymous said...

All of your jewelry is so unique. It is definitely "art"!! I love the pieces that I bought.

Anonymous said...

There are a lot of jewelry "makers" around, but you have a sophisticated quality, that stands out from the rest. Looking forward to seeing "What's New" and what I can't live without!