Tuesday, June 26, 2007

"4th of July" Bracelets!

Here is all the red, white and blue I can squeeze out of my

creative and (love muted colors) soul!..

I tried to make them traditional but a little big fun & funky.

I'm not a real "themed" person but I had to do a little something for the 4th!

I'd just rather sit down at my bead table not knowing what will unfold..seeing what is created is so exciting!

I think I am going to TRY to give necklaces a rest (for now)..maybe...

I would like add some bracelets to my jewelry cabinet... They are kind of difficult ..I struggle with trying to make them fit everyone..

So...just a quick survey...

What size do you wear?...

Do you like them snug or dangly?

Toggles or Adjustable Clasps? (lobster, spring or hook)

Please drop me a comment at the bottom of this post and let me know so I can make what suits your needs!


"USA Bling" $13

A Toggle and coordinating flag finish off this bright and flashy bracelet!

"Flip Flop Pride" $12

Tri corner red firepolished beads with royal blue rondell beads. They are clear and colorful.
A sparkling flip flop dangles from the bold clasp.

"Stars & Stripes" $20 SOLD!

"Red, Blue & Silver" $25 sale $20

This bracelet features and Bali Silver "Star"fish and a Sterling Silver figure 8 clasp.

"USA" $12

Unique Toggle with lots of cute charms (click on to enlarge) Beads are bright and bold!

"Lady Liberty" $10

Do you love Christmas but you don't decorate with Green & Red?...

Ever wear black on Valentines Day?...

Don't want to be predictable on the 4th?

Well... then you may appreciate my interpretation of a "4th of July" bracelet!...

To me I see this copper and green as the patina on Lady Liberty!

But then again...I think I would be a bigger fan if the Buckeyes had different colors...

sorry that's just me!

All bracelets are around 7-8" but can be custom sized!

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Stephanie McKee said...

I am a muted colors lover too, but your 4th of July bracelets are so cute. I love Lady Liberty. I tend to think that black is very appropriate on Valentine's Day!!