Friday, March 7, 2008


This is what is looked my backyard looked like today in Ohio..yes its March but Ohio has no weather rules!
We got at least 4 inches with 8 -12 more expected tomorrow!
The weather may have been bad outside but it was great on ETSY........

What an exciting time it has been on Etsy for me! Today my "Blue Bird Nest" necklace was in a treasury that was featured on the front page! I have been hoping I would someday get the front and WOW what traffic it draws to your store! As of right now this necklace has 1214 views and 65 hearts! And the ironic thing still has not sold!
I think people don't want to buy what is featured for fear of taking the picture away..but this is the fourth one like this I have made...and I can make more! So don't be afraid to buy it!
As an added bonus it is also in an article on the STORQUE~
Check it out!

"Love is Jealous"
I have been trying to get this pendant since before Valentines Day but it has been out of stock..I finally got my hands on one and I love it even more in person..I didn't want to over shadow the lovely design so I simply attached a gorgeous Swarovski Crystal in Olive Green and slide it onto a Silk Ribbon in Espresso Brown!
This style also comes in some other sayings..FAITH, HOPE, PEACE and JOY!
If some of you are wondering what happend to most of my inventory, well I had a huge wholesale order jewerly will soon be in a store in NYC!
This little front page boost also gave me an extra 75 hearts to my store...
And I received an nice email today from a customer that added my blog to her blog today~
Thank you Allyson!
With all this new exposure... if you see something you want...grab it up cause you never know when someone else will!

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